Monday, June 28, 2010

Running through the Sprinkler

Okay, so “running” may be a rather…  generous term…  But she was happily sitting in the spray from the sprinkler.

It’s been way too hot here lately; I’m not sure if last summer was actually this hot and we just had no idea because we were confined to the NICU and the air conditioned house for the season, or if it is really just that hot lately.  I’m not a fan of anything over 90. 

But, as an upside, if it’s warm outside, that means we can play in the sprinkler some.  Luke mowed the lawn, and turned on the test cycle of the sprinklers to wet it down before it got too hot.  Piper and I went outside to watch the dogs play (Maggie, particularly, loves the sprinkler, and will even bite the industrial-strength sprays that can cover a 150 foot spread- OW).  She kept leaning forward and trying to get out of my lap.  So I let her.  She went and sat in the spray, without a peep.  She had so much fun!  I was really surprised that she didn’t cry when her face was getting wet.  By the time I decided she was done, she was soaked.  SOAKED. 





Here’s to much more water-provoking happiness in the future.  Although, I would gladly forgo sprinkler soirees for slightly cooler weather.  Gladly.


  1. Looks like such fun! Love the last pic.

  2. Love the pics and glad to see your dog thinks he/she needs to clean piper...our's does that to Jack as well!