Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Toy Story (no, not the movie…)

With the Pixar flick coming out, Piper thought that she needed to celebrate at the toy store.

Don’t ask me why we go half way across the state, and go up to a cute little town with all kinds of cute shops, and end up in a toy store.  Guess that’s what happens when you have a munchkin in your midst.

Before we could leave, though, Piper needed to put on warmer clothes.  And who better to accomplish that task than poor, inexperienced Uncle Justin???  Poor guy- every time he about got it, she pulled it off.  And then the rest of us laughed at him.  Thankfully, he’s a good sport.  And likes his niece- just a little…P1060145

The store was pretty fun, though.  Half of the floor space was dedicated to big toys that were there to climb on, play with, and, in general, convince you to buy.  I am, apparently, not their target audience, but it was fun to let Piper play (especially since it was raining outside, and the roof provided a nice reprieve from the cloud bursts). 

I mean, really, who could possible live without a giant stuffed dragon in their nursery???

I was excited to see this toy, though- I’ve wondered if Piper could play with it or not, and haven’t been willing to fork out the cash to see.  I’m glad I haven’t bought it- if she has one foot on the ground, the other is up about four inches from the ground.  So she can’t bounce, and she isn’t very stable, either.  It was, though, fun to play on for a few minutes!  P1060162

Second to the dressing fiasco, this was one of my highlights for the day.  If you’d have told me a few years ago that Justin would be playing in the tutu section, I would have choked.  Imagine my surprise when I came around a corner and found this.  I think pink and purple may be his colors…P1060163 

Oh, yeah.  Piper enjoyed herself.



  1. OOO that Uncle Justin looks like he is loads of fun Piper, glad you kept him on his toes!

  2. Anything for our little Pip! And by the way she said it was a boa!

    -Uncle Justin