Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Has anyone ever used one of these?

I’ve been itching to get out for a bike ride this summer.  It was definitely not on the top of my to-do list last year.  We have the fair grounds down the street from us a few miles, and paths all around, too.  And it kills me that we’re not using it!

We had a neighbor who had something like this- I think it is awesome!  I really want to give it a try…  Has anyone used one of these before?

bike It says that it can be used for 6 month olds, so surely, even though Piper is teeny, I’m thinking she should be able to use it.  We’re going to ask our neighbors to see if they still have theirs to borrow and see if she likes it first.  I remember being on the back of my parents’ bikes for so long, but you couldn’t really see anything.  I thought that this way she’d be able to see where she was going, and I’d be able to keep an eye on her, too, which I like.  I’ve heard that they’re easier to manipulate than the trailers, which is a plus for my not-so-great riding abilities… 

Before we try to borrow it, though, I want to find her a helmet.  It’s one of those deal-breaker kind of things for me.  And I had no  idea how difficult it would be to find a helmet for her. 

This is the closest we’ve come.  I’m thinking it may not work…



Check out the grasp she has on the right hand.  For the record, I do believe some baby-speak, not-so-friendly words were escaping those little lips…

They do still make infant helmets, don’t they???

Although, it may not be an issue of if we can find a sufficiently small helmet.  It may be convincing my child that that sufficiently small helmet has to stay on her head


  1. We use a back of the bike carrier. Check your local bike shop they will have smaller helmets.

  2. I know REI has infant helmets, we were able to find one for Rachel there. I'm not sure if it will be small enough though. Good luck!

  3. do you adjust the straps on her tops? the non-stretchy tops that rachel has always have too long straps...

  4. I always added a baseball had under the helmet to prevent it from slipping down over there eyes and to put something familiar between them and the helmet.

    Thanks for the idea though, we have one on each bike, but haven't gotten Aubrey into one yet.