Sunday, May 23, 2010

For the Dogs

We’ve gotten creative.

Poor Piper.

“Creative” usually ends in kind of, well, interesting results.

We do “creative” at our house.  I bet I can count on one hand the number of items that are used in our house the “appropriate” way (for example- did you know that a grapefruit spoon works as a very good, and very productive, seed and de-ribber of peppers?).

And because my daughter is vertically challenged, “creative” has become a necessity.

Today’s invention?



That’s a dog dinner dish.

A very nice dog dinner dish.

That the dogs are NOT allowed to touch.

I’m keeping puffs in one bowl (because we were told she needs snacks readily available these days, and let’s face it, food is the ultimate motivator), and a toy on the other side.  And it even has a cool drawer (that’s meant for dog food storage, of course) that we can keep toys in.P1050613

It doesn’t tip.  It’s the perfect height.  It’s wide enough for her to cruise back and forth on.  And she’s already getting up on her own. 

And since we (literally) have nothing else in our house that’s the right size for her to pull up on, it’ll have to do.

Dog dinner dish or not.


  1. WHAT A GREAT IDEA! Days like this when I wish that Piper was OLDER than Aubrey so that we could gleen from your creativity!

  2. Love this idea! And it's a pretty stylish dog dish too. :)