Thursday, May 13, 2010

Princess Practice with Piper

P1050438It’s easy for princesses to start their day off in a good mood.  Usually.  Particularly if your Mom lets you eat the good breakfast food.

P1050436Princesses also love to talk on the phone.  But Mom says it’s not always fun, like when you have to talk to the doctor’s office/work/insurance companies for any length of time.  (By the way- did you know that they make real phones that almost fit me?  They actually work!)

P1050442Princesses need time to recharge their batteries, and take just a few minutes for herself each day.  Mom says her only alone time is when she’s in the shower, but she doesn’t let me have any uninterrupted and independent bath time, so I resort to sharing gossip with my girls.

Even princesses have to pull their weight when it comes to chores.  Because that’s what a family members do, after all. 

P1050452 Ironing…

P1050449 …and cooking…

P1050450…and cleaning out the fridge.

All princesses know that after a long, hard day, a nice big bowl of ice cream is a must.  Add a not so comfy chair, and life is good.

I think I learned, though, that it’d be easier to be a big girl if you were, well, big.  But that’s okay; I’m kind of enjoying the perks of being itty.  Not many one year olds get to be carried through the mall all afternoon. 


  1. Oh, what fun we have at the mall, right Piper???

    Pottery Barn for Kids is one of our favs, huh!

    Love you little Peanut, Nana :)

  2. As always, a perfect princess lesson. Aubrey needs to do more chores!

  3. What a great life Princess Piper! Glad you are enjoying it! Too cute!!!

  4. I love the princess practice!

    Claire's surgery will actually be at P/SL, not Children's. I don't know how far that is from you, but if it worked out I'd love to meet you and Piper.

    Jake will be at Camp Pendelton, and I'm hoping to get to take a trip out to see him. I could use a little time at the beach!