Monday, May 3, 2010

If you’re in a pinch, IMPROVISE!

I’ve said before that we have to make adjustments for Piper because she’s so stinking tiny.  Things like climbing stairs, sitting in chairs, and “hand held” toys all pose difficulties when you’re significantly smaller than the intended size of a similarly-aged child.

Problem is, I think we’ve taught Piper that it’s okay for her to alter the requirements in other activities.  Activities that she’s completely capable, and proven herself able, to do.  I think she’s figured out that there is usually an easier, less arduous solution.  Why expend more energy than necessary, right?

Piper has a decent pincer grasp.  And she has since we’ve started giving her puffs and cheerios to eat.  She is perfectly capable of feeding herself like a proper princess should.



But here’s the thing- if she has something just too good to wait to eat, like blueberry puffs, she’s learned that it’s easier to just grab a handful and toss them in to her mouth.  Literally.  One’s bound to reach her mouth this way.  We’ve resorted to spreading a couple as far apart on her tray as possible, but even then, she’ll just grab with both hands and both fly up to her face.P1050240

I’m afraid that we are growing an official face-stuffer.  Fantastic.  Just what I’ve always wanted.

Of course, she’s also tried to convince us that we could just let her graduate to bigger foods.  You know, like daddy-sized cookies.  Just a thought.



  1. Blueberry puffs vs. daddy size cookies...I am with Piper, go for the cookies Piper (they will help you grow big and strong).

    Alayna is the same way sometimes it is easier to stuff than pick up one at a time, our OT suggested giving her one at a time or put them in something like a muffin tray so she has to work a little to get that one out.

  2. I'd go for the big cookies too!

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