Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My daily epiphany

Every once in a while, I get an epiphany that really seems to make my world make sense again.

My epiphany for today?

My little girl is growing up, and leaving her morning nap in the dust.

Oh. Dear. Heavens.

I’ve been fighting with her sleep schedule since she got sick.  I kept chalking it up to that.  We’ve been realizing that her sleep needs have decreased the last month or so (going from 12 to about 11 hours or less at night), but I had no intention of letting her leave her nap behind…

Today she R-E-F-U-S-E-D to take a nap before Becky came over for therapy.  She gets here at 10:15, so our previous schedule was Piper get up at 7, eat breakfast, I’d throw her in the bath, get her dressed, she’d nurse, and take a nap for about an hour before Becky got here.  She needed that nap before Becky got here.

Today-No. Go.  Becky left at about 11:15.  By 11:30, Piper was crashed.  She actually slept for about three hours (which is way unusually long).  When she got up, she was the happiest little kid on the block.  We went over to Gymboree (they have a 30% coupon this weekend!!!) and then over to Target.  She talked my ear off the entire time. 

If she needed a nap this morning, she wouldn’t have been that happy.


The worst part about the whole thing?

I may never take a shower again.


Personal hygiene is highly over-rated, right???


  1. Emily is starting to give her morning nap up too! I guess we will be two stinky mommies!

  2. I so sympathize with you on the losing the morning nap (Alayna said bye bye to hers a while ago)....but, with a 3 hour nap you can skip the shower and take a bubble bath everyday. :)

  3. I've been showering with Pudge for quite some time now. Sad, I know. But she gets her morning splash time and I can practice some basic hygiene. I just need to check into child developmental research to see when their long term memory starts kicking in. My view in the shower is a LOT cuter than hers and I don't want any long-lasting emotional scarring to come out of it all...

    So sorry to see the nap go! Hopefully those long afternoon ones will become her new status quo!

  4. I always morn the transition to one nap and Lucas is definitely in transition right now. He still takes two most days but occasionally will fight the morning nap. It's just a matter of time now.