Thursday, May 20, 2010

Droopy Drawers

I was going to let Piper wear some shorts this week, now that it’s getting warm, but I couldn’t.  The entire wardrobe of clothes I bought last fall for this summer does. not. fit.

The tags to Carter’s and Gymboree’s clothes clearly state that their size 3-6 month clothes begin at 12 1/2 pounds.  Therefore, Piper’s 3 month clothes should be very snug, if not outgrown, now that she’s a little over 12 1/2 pounds.  And those 3-6 month clothes should, at the very least, be fake-able. 

I wonder if I could sue for false advertisement.

Could you please explain to my why I just spent my whole day before last (and many days before that) completing an exhaustive search of every store in town that I could think of for 3 month denim shorts???

Apparently three month olds don’t need denim shorts, because they sure as heck don’t make them.  Anywhere.

Except for Carter’s.  I love having their outlet relatively close, because sometimes they’re the only option.

Miraculously, they did have several pair of non-cotton gym shorts in 3 month sizes.  I was so excited.  And they were even on clearance.  She got brown, khaki, denim, and pink (surprise). 

I was so excited that she had to wear a pair today.

My reward for my steadfasted shopping experience?

Shorts that are still way too big.  And no, the elastic is not stretched.  This is just the extra fabric.

Her knees?  No where to be found.

Her bottom?  Also, no where to be found.

My sanity?  Well, the only thing keeping that within reach is the prospect that her 3-6 month shorts, the many pair of 3-6 month shorts that were purchased last year, should fit fine for next summer.


  1. WE HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM SOMETIMES! Our 12 pounders are actually "Silly String" Because no 12 pounder is actually as tall as our girls! Good luck with the summer wardrobe!

  2. My Nat was a skinny baby and clothes never fit her right. We put her in one pieces all the time because we didn't have to worry about the waist. I think they're super cute too, I love rompers.

  3. Hey I could make her some pretty ruffled denim shorts that would fit just right- just sayin':)

  4. Sizing charts are crazy aren't they? Even our son has worn shorts several summers in a row because he just gets taller and not bigger around and the shorts still fit. Good luck, at least you won't have to buy for next summer (or maybe the summer after that....) :)

  5. who needs shorts!! she can diaper it all the way!! Piper is just to darn cute!! smiles

  6. That would be frustrating! And that's why I think I'm sticking to rompers for the summer. I have a ton of 3-6 months clothes that I'm hoping Clarie gets to wear this summer, but right now they are HUGE on her!