Saturday, May 8, 2010

Our Little Lady’s Party- Part 1

Wow wowie wow wow—What an exciting, exhausting day!  But it really flew by!

Piper’s party was SO much fun.  HUGE thank you to all our buggy friends who made their way out!  There’s never been any doubt about how loved the little lady is- and she loves you all, too!

The final stage of preparations started yesterday, bright and early.  Cupcakes to bake, last minute shopping to finish, lists to mark off.  Mom was with us yesterday, and Dad brought up the second load of big things (tarps, extra barbeque, drink gotts, and…) last night. 

Mom and Dad let Piper open up their presents last night to get “practice” for today. 

P1050331 P1050332

She learned how to pull the paper out of her sacks.  AND that panties don’t go on your head.

They were back over early this morning.  BIG GIANT HUMONGOUS sized thank you to Mom and Dad for ALL they’ve done to help us out- the many, many, many trips for planning, making favors, food, and so much more.  You guys are my HEROES!

I did, actually, manage to get Piper down for a nap fairly early this morning…  Unfortunately, it only lasted (literally) about 5 minutes.  Definitely not long enough to maintain her for her very busy day.  She slept for about half an hour while being held after that, but that’s it.  Yikes.

We got the big tarps set up and the park decorated in red and black.  I never thought I’d be buying black items for my child’s first birthday, believe you me, but a ladybug theme fit Piper perfectly- It was very “her”.

Piper played nicely with all the other little bugs flying about.  Until, that is, she decided she was exhausted.  She slept for a little while, which was exactly what she needed to do.  I ended up waking her up when it was time for cake- she HAD to participate in that!

We had to get everything broken down up at the park a little quicker than I had anticipated- the weather was getting pretty spotty, and we were afraid it was going to start raining.  And making a thousand trips back to the house a few blocks away would be no fun in the rain.   So we got it all picked up and opened presents at the house, where it was warm and not windy, a little while later. 

Piper very much enjoyed playing in the bags and with the paper.  She was in the best mood of the day toward the end of the presents (go figure). 

I left the battery to my camera (which I had deliberately charged the night before to make sure I had plenty for the day…), so I had to rely on my brother and sister-in-law for pictures (THANKS GUYS!), so you all will have to wait until I get their cards for the actual pictures. 

So, I’ll end you with some cuteness from after the presents tonight.

Happy Birthday to our sweet girl!




  1. She looks like she had a wonderful birthday. Our party ended a little early as well because of the weather. We had to squeeze everyone inside but it all worked out.

  2. Happy Birthday princess Piper!!

  3. What a cute little bug! Happy First Birthday Piper!

  4. Happy 1st birthday sweet Piper! You are cute as a ladybug, glad it was such a great party for you.

  5. Happy First Birthday! Glad the bad weather we've been having lately didn't ruin her big day.