Monday, May 24, 2010

Do you remember these things?

Again I say--

Creativity can be dangerous.

Do you remember Jell-o Beans?  They were big about the last year that Jell-o sold the egg molds, golly, probably 12 or 15 years ago now.  P1050461

They’re a pain in the pattooty to get out, but they were kinda fun.

This generation, however, they are for Piper’s fine motor practice.  The cells are just the right size for a puffy and teeny tiny fingers to get them out.P1050464


I can put half a dozen puffs in different holes (so she has to look for them), and it’ll keep her entertained for quite a while.

Sometimes she’s willing to play the “game” nicely.  Other times, however, her patience is significantly less than it usually is.

Lack of patience often leads to solutions.  She figured out a better way to remove puffs from holes.P1050465

We won’t call it “laziness”, we’ll call it creative problem solving. 



  1. She looks so proud of herself for figuring out how to get them all out at once!

  2. Ha ha. That's so cute. I think her way is much better myself.

  3. Such a great idea...wonder where I could get one of those now???

  4. Oh Piper you are a girl after my own heart. Keep that mommy on her toes!
    Great idea, ice cube trays do a great job too!

  5. I have never heard of Jello beans, but I love the tray. Another great idea!