Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Growin’ and Strollin’

Piper, being my 24 1/2” 12-month-old, is having a lot of problems finding age-appropriate toys that are also size appropriate.

Luke’s grandpa got Piper this little grocery cart walker for her birthday.  Lo-and-behold, it’s actually not astronomically huge. 

I’m sure that her balance would be a little better if the handle was down more, but it works.  Well.  AND she loves it!!!  She’ll walk if she can feel one of my hands on her (she doesn’t have the confidence to do it herself), and will go all the way down one of our hallways. 

I think these little jammies make her look like a Who.  What do you think?


  1. GO Piper!
    GO Piper!!
    GO Piper!!!

    Grandpa and I love you so!

  2. So cute! Another shopper I see...all those mall lessons are producing a shopper:)

    See if she will hold on to the basket side. Aubrey's grocery cart is way to tall on the handle side, but she does really well when pushing from the basket side!

  3. So cute! We weighted our cart down and put our baby dolls in the handle part & Alayna loves to push it around and take her babies for a walk. Very cute little who you have there!

  4. I can imagine it would be hard to find toys that fit her, but this one looks like a winner!