Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I love family because…

…you can get credit for doing things by association.

My sister-in-law is case in point.

She runs.  Actually runs.  Does races kind of runs. 

Me?  Well, let’s just say that if you ever see me running, look behind for what’s chasing me.  And save me, because I’m bound to stop any second.

Anyway, Rachel ran the Lab Rescue race this weekend.  Justin and Rachel invited us to watch, because they thought Piper would have fun watching all the dogs. 

So we packed up all three kids (two four-legged ones and one two-legged one) on Sunday morning.  It was the first time they all shared a vehicle together.  I was praying that Duncan wouldn’t get nervous and jump over the seat to sit on Piper’s lap.

Piper, however, was ecstatic about her new view.  She laughed and waved and wiggled most the way there.  Until she fell asleep.P1050484

After we got to the park, with Piper unscathed, we found my brother.  She was very excited to see her uncle!P1050488

We watched the dogs play in the park for a little bit, but heard that there was a litter of black lab puppies that were up for adoption on the other side of the park.  No worries, Mom- we were not shopping for a new brother or sister for Piper (or Bel!!!).  BUT, we did have to go see.  I mean, really- how can you pass up holding a puppy???

Then we headed over to the playground.  We (meaning Piper) swung… P1050543

…and learned how to rock on the spring horse.  She figured out how to rock, and had a lot of fun.  Even though she was significantly smaller than the intended user.P1050493

We even got a couple pictures as a family (which never happens…)P1050499



…ignore the fact that poor Maggie, our black lab, is mysteriously absent from any of these pictures…  Not sure how that happened…  Poor, neglected Maggie.

We ended the day playing with the pretty yellow flowers.P1050521 


We are so unbelievably, over-the-top, bursting with excitement, ready for summer.  Piper is going to have so much fun at the parks this year, since she didn’t get to participate at all last year.  And they’re building dog parks in most of our local parks now, so the dogs are going to have fun, too.  AND we got the okay to take Piper swimming last week at the doctor.  So many fun things to do now that the weather is finally starting to get nice. 





  1. Me too! Summer couldn't get here faster for us! Love the pics with the yellow flowers! Beautiful child.

  2. Oh what a fun day and the OK to swim YAHOO! Can't wait to see that sweet princess in her swimsuit splashing all about!

  3. I can't wait for the weather to warm up here! But instead it's now raining again...

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