Sunday, May 16, 2010

Heptad of Happiness

I’ve been feeling kind of down lately, and I don’t really know why.  Stress?  Exhaustion?  Who knows… 
So, to force myself to see the highlights, I’ve decided to make note of at least one funny thing that happens every day.  I wonder if it’ll help?

Here’s last week’s line up:

Saturday-- mmmm…  Cake!

Sunday--  We were able to finally plant our vegetable garden!  When you live in Colorado, you’re supposed to wait until Mother’s Day to get anything in to the ground.  So we did.  Lo and behold, it snowed this week.  Go figure…  ANYWAY, we did a fancy lunch at Qdoba in the middle of plant shopping.  Since we had Luke’s big car for the plants, we didn’t have Piper’s seat.  So she got to sit in the restaurant’s chair.  Funny thing is that she’s right at eye level with the table.  They’re not exactly made for 24” tall kids.  You know those little yellow faces they used to sell whose nose would clip over something?  THAT’S what she looks like.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, that’s okay.  You can call me crazy if you want…  However, if you do know what I’m talking about, can you tell me what they’re called?  It’s driving me NUTS
     Edited:  Mom, once again, came to my rescue.  KILROY!!!  Here:

Monday—Watching Piper’s vocabulary grow.  No, not real words.  And not really new, either.  I mean, we’ve heard them before.  But I kind of get the feeling that, when she’s “crawling”, she may be using words that are less than lady like…

Tuesday--  We had thunder snow storm this day!  It happens a couple times a year, I think.  Not often.  And it’s weird.  Usually snow is calm, and quiet, and peaceful.  But it’s like Mother Nature needs a serious dose of mood stabilizers when it thunders at the same time.  And on that note?  I’ve decided that ThunderSnow needs to be the name of a Power Ranger.  Or zoo animal.  Or something.  Doesn’t it sound super-hero like??

Wednesday—Piper took the “kiss the frog and he becomes a prince” thing a little too far in her story book that night…

Thursday—Mom and I went to the mall just to walk.  Walking is incredibly therapeutic for me, and forces me to release a lot of built up tension.  We seldom actually buy anything when we go.  I think it irritates Luke that I can go and not get anything accomplished; his theory is “why go if you’re not going to do anything”.  But I think he’s also afraid to push it too hard- I mean, at least I’m not breaking the bank, right???  And I think I’m doing a good job of teaching Piper the art of the mall walk.  I mean, does this look like the face of a child who’s not enjoying herself???

Friday—Yup, that about sums it up…

Saturday-  Piper got her hair styled by the dogs on more than one occasion.  She told them off a couple times.  She’s starting to get enough length that they can do some pretty serious damage to her coiffure.  She’s very protective over each of those little strands.  That’s what happens when they take so much time and effort to cultivate.

Hope next week’s as funny as this!


  1. Sorry you are down, Munchkin....

    Maybe this will help, you were thinking of KILROY, I think, try this:

    Mom :)

  2. Three cheers for couches without cushions! We lay a full length mirror along the back cushion for additional motivation for our little narcissist.
    Hoping you're just suffering some post-buggy blues after planning such an amazing 1st year party. Maybe it's time to plan for another fun a VACATION!

  3. We are lovin' Friday. What a crack up literally :) So cute...

    What a great list of funnies hope they brightened your day, they certainly did ours.