Monday, October 31, 2011

Request #2

You may be asking yourself WHY we feel the need to post every day for a month about Down syndrome.  It may seem a little over-kill or over-the-top.

It’s not just because I’m bragging about my kid (although, I will admit, it’s a good byproduct.)

It’s because we want people to realize that our kids, and all individuals with disabilities, are just like you and your kids.  They have likes, dislikes, hopes, and dreams.  They have things they want to be when they grow up; they’re smart, capable, and lead purposeful, well intended, and meaningful lives.

You see, Piper’s unique.

Piper’s in the 10%.

Piper was diagnosed with Down syndrome prenatally.

And she wasn’t aborted.

Did you know that 90% (or more) of babies that are prenatally diagnosed are terminated? 

Right here, in the US.

Why?  Lack of information.  Fear.  Negative stereotypes.  And because people think “that’s what we do.”

Down syndrome is the most commonly occurring congenital anomaly.  Chances are, you will know (or already DO know) someone who has been touched by Down syndrome.  And I hope, I really hope, that because you know Piper, you can tell them that it’ll be okay.

Because life IS okay.

It’s better than okay.

Piper is everything we didn’t know we needed.  She’s our sunshine, our little munchkin, and our pride and joy.  She’s taught us more than we have her, she’s shown us the family we were supposed to be, and she’s proven to us what’s really important. 

We are so, so lucky that we were chosen to be her parents.  I had no idea how much we needed her. 

We needed her.



  1. I had no idea do many DS babies are aborted. Thank God you and Luke chose to be in that 10%. Piper is such a blessing.