Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Addy’s little… mishap

Remember these pictures?  Well, this is what she looked like the day before:DSCN2132

Yyyyeah…  The little twirp decided to take a nose cheek dive on the carpet.  Turns out, holding your chest up off the floor is an integral first step to crawling.  Rear propulsion, face, and carpet are a bad combination.  Go figure.

Day two, the red spot lessened, but she had a big raspberry in it’s place.  Problem was that tears STUNG like the dickens; every time she cried, it’d touch that and she’d just start crying harder.

DSCN2143My sentiments exactly, Addy Jayne.  My sentiments exactly.


And then it scabbed.  The whole darn thing.  It’s like her face was tattling on me- I wanted her to wear a sign that said “I did this to myself”.  DSCN2205

Thankfully, the day after this Luke and I left for the mountains.  By the time we got back, it was mostly gone.  At least not noticable in the “I wonder what that woman DID to that poor child” kind of way. 

I really hope that Addy doesn’t make up for all the bumps and bruises that Piper DIDN’T get.  ‘Cause it could be a looooong, painful road to mobility for this munchkin.


  1. Ouch Addy that does look painful! Hope next time you land on a pillow!

  2. Let's just hope that Piper doesn't decide to RIDE on her sister or start shoving her down....like someone else I might know:)