Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Tree Uncertainty

P1110854A little concerned about the big box in the living room

P1110860She really wanted IN the box, but it didn’t make her feel much better about it all…

P1110864And after some soul-searching, she did finally get brave enough to touch it.

P1110866She got so comfortable touching it that she wouldn’t get out of the way so that we could finish putting it up.  Back in the box they both went…  (But, for the record, Piper did ask first so it wasn’t for the sole purpose of toddler wrangling…)

P1110873As unsure as Piper was, Addy had her beat.  She was p-r-e-t-t-y nervous.  I’m not sure she even blinked.  It was darn funny…


P1110881Once she got a chance to explore, she was okay with the tree in her house.  Not so sure about why there’s a tree in her house, but okay with it anyway.


The next morning, I was changing Addy’s diaper on the floor while Piper sat at the table eating breakfast.  I couldn’t change Addy fast enough- she kept rolling over and crawling to the tree.  So I said “Are you excited to see the tree this morning?” to which Piper replied “I ‘cited, too!”

I may have to keep the tree up long-term if it provokes sentences from my kid.  We could have a Valentine’s tree, Easter tree, summer tree…  Wonder if the hubby (and DOGS, haha) would approve…


  1. That's a whole sentence!! So jealous.

  2. that is crazy! rachel looked at the tree and, much to our surprise, has pretty much ignored it since.

  3. I'm a little nervous about the tree this year. We saw one at therapy and Lucas started screaming and flapping his arms. I couldn't tell if he was excited or nervous.

    And wow, on Piper speaking a whole sentence!