Friday, November 11, 2011

I’m a little disappointed

There are things that have happened to Piper, either health issues, developmental issues, or physical issues, that I have always blamed on Down syndrome.  And I’ve wondered what she would be like had that extra 21st chromosome NOT have affected that particular piece.  Like, if she hadn’t have had duodenal atresia, would it have been easier for her to learn to eat in the beginning?  Or if she didn’t have Ds, would the airway issues we had last year NOT have been an issue?

I’ve always KNOWN that Piper’s follicle impairment was obviously due to the fact that thin hair is common in individuals with Down syndrome.

Enter Addy Jayne.

To my horror, I’m afraid I must admit that she has LESS hair than her big sister. 

October, 2009
5 months (7 1/2 pounds, just for comparison)

October, 2011
5 months (12 1/2 pounds)

Hellooooo headbands.


  1. Haha...I swear my oldest daughter didn't grow hair until she was almost three!!
    Cute pictures of the girls, I love how they have the exact same expression on their faces!! And Piper was only 7lbs!! What a tiny little bundle of cuteness she was!!

  2. Ha, I was just gonna say "wow, they have the same expression"! Love Piper's baby duck fuzz on her head...little blonde newborns are so adorable for that very reason!

  3. Toe heads are just adorable! My brother had all toe heads and all mine have had lots of hair. Different but cute all the same. Love these pictures of the girls they are so beautiful!