Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy Birthday, Noah!

Piper got invited to a friend’s birthday party last weekend.  He’s an older man; I keep telling her that I’m not sure I approve of a crush on someone twice her age, but I digress.

It was super hero themed; since our house is, surprise surprise, super hero-less in the toy/costume department, the girls went with “twin tornado” as their super power in matching outfits (stretching it, I know, but gimme a break- what do you expect with a house full of girls???)

Piper’s favorite part was decorating cookies.  Noah’s parents loaded the kids up with food, then sugar cookies (with frosting, candies, and sprinkles, of course) BEFORE they even had cake.  Surprisingly, a group slumber part was NOT on the invite.

P1110752Piper testing it before she decorated it.  And Addy wonder what she did to draw the short end of the stick and NOT get a cookie of her own…  She is SO ready for real food, but that’s another story.

P1110762At the Halloween party we went to at the high school, they decorated cookies, too, but she threw a FIT when she got frosting on her cookie.  I wasn’t so sure how this was going to turn out, but she didn’t care at all this time.  Whatever.

P1110754I haven’t been able to convince Piper that food isn’t just a vehicle for the condiment.  She’s not really into “dipping” her food- she’ll dip it, and then suck off whatever she dipped it IN.  It’s really quite disgusting.  So, in this case, it was more fun to lick off the frosting than eat the cookie WITH the frosting.  sigh…



After they decorated cookies (with frosting, candy, and sprinkles), they had cake.  And ice cream.  And THEN they had a pinata.  Pretty sure you could have eaten your weight in calories that day. 

Anyway, Piper was right up there with all the kids trying to catch the candy.  Luke was trying to prevent her from taking ALL of it; sweet little Noah kept giving his to her because she asked (okay, so it was a little cute.)  Pretty sure she now thinks that candy should occasionally, randomly, fall from the sky.  But I fall victim to that same delusion, so I can’t fault her there…


Happy 5th Birthday, Noah!  Thanks for having us!

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