Saturday, October 22, 2011

Halloween- The Practice Run

There’s a high school here in town that hosts a Halloween party and an Easter party each year for our Ds association.  It’s, unfortunately, on the other side of the world from here, so we headed down nice and early this morning.  Luke wanted to go to an open house for his favorite geek store on the other side of town instead, and because our littlest twirp has been known to be a very unpleasant travel companion in the car from time to time, I wrangled my poor mom into going with us to help. 

Piper’s obsessed with cows at the moment; like, seriously really obsessed.  So when I found a cow costume, I knew it was meant to be.  She did need a bow, though, to make sure that she was recognized as a GIRL cow.  She also wanted to take her baby cow with her, sooooo…



…and yes, she pulled it (almost) the whole time.  Funny?  Uh, yes.

When we walked into the school, Piper was in heaven. Not because of the costumes, or the people, or the goodies. No, it was because she could run. And run. And RUN.

And once she started, she. didn’t. stop.

Lemme tell you, Mom and I are EXHAUSTED tonight.

But, anyway, the party this morning was a lot of fun. There were probably 20 classrooms with a few high schoolers in each that were “running” themed games for that room. And they had LOTS of candy.

She got to play horsie:P1110541

…and kick balloons:P1110563

…and talk to Burt (which she, by the way, totally figured out that there was a person inside- she was trying to reach through the eye holes to the poor girl inside…):P1110571

Piper was, eventually, so exhausted she couldn’t breath, so we left and headed to lunch.  After refueling at Chipotle, we went to a few stores not too far, including having ice cream at Costco. 

But was it time to go home?  Nope.

Next on the docket was Halloween Party #2.  This time, though, Addy got to dress up, too. 

And I think she’s probably the cutest ducky I’ve ever, ever seen.




I think the day properly prepared Piper for real Halloween next week.  Practice makes perfect, after all.

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