Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Favorite piper-ism

Piper’s an overly cautious child.  As a result, she gets very few bumps and bruises.  As in, I can count the number of skinned knees on one hand.  And have fingers left over. 

So man, oh man, when she does get an owie, we know about it.  And long after that owie has healed, she still points it out to us to make sure we haven’t forgotten. 

I haven’t decided for sure if her preoccupation with the healed owie site is because she’s flabbergasted by her body’s ability to heal itself or if she hopes that it’ll reappear so that she can get some more sympathy from it.

The funniest thing, though, is when she tries to kiss her skinned knee.  That takes talent, my friends, real, true talent.

IMAG0496Piper- where’s your owie?

IMAG0500It still hurts her feelings- can’t you tell?

Now it’s to the point that, if you ask, she’ll go looking all over her legs for something to point out to you.  Good thing the kid doesn’t have freckles like I do; she’d think they were all worth a few sympathy points…


  1. So funny! Aubrey doesn't get hurt much either, but she doesn't care about it when she does....So funny, Piper!

  2. oh i love her! rachel is a bulldozer...a lot like pudge i believe...she gets so many bumps and bruises but keeps on going like nothing happened.