Friday, October 7, 2011

Always happy, eh?

You’ve probably heard the phrase “Aw, kids with Down syndrome are always SO happy!”

Believe me, I’ve heard it.  Loads.  Because Piper usually is in a good mood.  She has a zeal for life- and I think that we could all take a little lesson from her in that department.

But always happy?

Ha- anyone who spends a little time with her knows that’s not the case.  She wants her way, she doesn’t always want to be patient or cooperative, and she doesn’t always like having to follow the rules.

She is a toddler, after all… 



  1. Every time V is really pitching a fit (which i'll admit, isn't too often-- she is pretty easy going.) I think of how so many people say that people with Ds are always happy and I think to myself if they could only see her during her "moments", then they would realize she has all of the emotions that anyone else has...

  2. Totally agree! Love that you shared some, cause usually I cut those out of posts!!!

  3. Haha, she's adorable even when she is grumpy!!

  4. The babies with down syndrome r they sweet

  5. My mom said she didnt want a diwn syndrome baby i told her that they were sweat but she wants ti abord now im mad