Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Talking Tot

Just found out today that our insurance is going to cover speech therapy next year.  WaHOO!  It doesn’t this year, at least I don’t think it did (maybe it was last year?) when I looked, so I was starting to get a little nervous now that we’re looking at aging out of EI.  There isn’t even a maximum number of visits that they’ll cover! Praise God for group health insurance!!! I think that speech is definitely the place Piper’s going to need some extra help, at least for a while, and I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that the speech provided in preschool isn’t going to be enough for her. 

Anyway, Piper’s had a few very funny VOCAL sentences lately.  She’s been talking in paragraphs a lot- adding words to her signs or adding signs to her words, depending on her mood.  It’s SO STINKING AWESOME how much she’s started talking lately!  I can’t even begin to describe the level of excitement when something new pops out of those little lips. 

So, just for fun, the vocal stylings of my two year old:

  • I be back (apparently we have a Schwarzenegger prodigy- lovely…)
  • Ow-sie (outside)
  • I so pretty!
  • I’m so big!
  • Piper:  Where’s Addy?  (me:  She’s already IN her car seat- see?)  Piper:  She’s being quiet- she sleeping?  (me: No, she’s not sleeping- she’s just being good.)  Piper:  …laughing hysterically… <<Does this tell you how often Addy’s actually GOOD in the car???>>
  • Tall Nana? (“call” Nana)
  • Little xyz (little any-noun-she-feels-like)
  • Biiiiii xyz (big any-noun-she-feels-like)   
  • Wid xyz (with any-noun-she-feels-like)
  • Wassa (What’s that?)
  • Das a (that’s a…)
  • Dis uh (this one)
  • Osh osh osh (wash wash wash)
  • Mom (yup, I’m MOM, not mama, or mommy- Mom.  It’s really quite cute)
  • Mean mom
  • I mad
  • Bat (bath)
  • Nana’s biii daw… (Nana’s big dog)
  • booburies Psss?  (“Blueberries PLEASE???”  She’s very upset that blueberry season is over and she doesn’t quite catch the concept of WAY TOO EXPENSIVE…)



  1. Wow. Dada and uppuh is all we get out of max.

  2. awwww. yay. i'm sure she'll soar with the help of speech therapy

  3. I like "mean mom." :-) Cuz life is unjust, and darn it, don't we all deserve to address that one! ;-)

  4. Wow Piper! Great phrases there. I love "mean mom" and "I mad." Good she can express how she's feeling!

  5. I'm impressed too!

    I've been forgetting to ask, but I saw you mention PROMPT a while ago. Are you seeing Jennifer Gray?

  6. I am speechless! That is amazing that she has so many phrases! I would LOVE it if Sweet Pea would put words together. She finally has words, but they are very very very rarely joined together.

    What has Piper been getting for speech up until now? What techniques did her therapist use that you think helped? I'd love to hear any suggestions as I have not been happy with our SLP and yet find it extremely hard to find a better one.