Sunday, October 23, 2011

Oh, the Irony

The background:  Piper came home from the hospital when she was seven weeks old.  She weighed just over five pounds at the time, and was consuming a crazy number of calories each day.  Because of her over-active metabolism, she was required to eat around the clock.  She woke up on her own every few hours to eat overnight, but as she got a little older, she wanted to sleep for longer periods at night (go figure…)  So, for about two months, I was “required”, per the doctors, to keep waking her up.  I eventually figured out that she was MY kid, and I knew that, by waking her up at night, she wasn’t wanting to work as hard during the day AND she was eating less during the day, sooo…  I stopped.

Fast-forward to NOW:  I have a child who COULD sleep through the night and is nowhere. even.  CLOSE.  As in I’m wondering if by the time Luke retires, maybe I could possibly get a few minutes of sleep.  And I’m starting to wonder at what point you just stop moving from exhaustion.  Because it’d be good to know to make sure I’m not driving…

It’s a darn good thing she’s cute.  Even at 2am.  And 5am.  And 11pm…

But have no fear- it doesn’t slow her down during the day.  No, siree- this child- this one right here?


She decided to get up on hands and knees today.  By herself.  All 12 pounds of her.  In pursuit of the most favorite-est toy (the half-full bag of baby wipes…)  Holy smokes, I’m not ready for this…


  1. lol! parallel lives we live...parallel lives.

  2. Living that way here too! Same thing with Aubrey and waking her. Once we let her, after surgery, she would sleep 12 hours. I had 4 good sleepers. Emelia just started sleeping at night and that was only because we took DRASTIC measures (per pediatritian)! Most nights she does well....but not always. So you CAN go 8 months on ZERO sleep, but try not too....oh and not quite 9 months and she is standing on her own and thinking about moving her feet!!!!

  3. Aimee, I feel for you! We still don't have a full night sleeper and we are going on 2.5 yrs. Hopefully one of these days when we can get rid of the pump.