Monday, October 24, 2011

Things I never expected…

…from my two-and-a-half year old…

Before Piper was born, I read and read and read all the information that’s out there about Down syndrome.  Lots of it was scary, some of it was useful, and the rest of it I read, dismissed, and thought I gleaned what I needed.

Most of what “stuck” has been a non-issue and caused me to worry about stuff that I really didn’t need to. 

There are, however, significant pieces of information that I really should have listened to a little better.

Like the fact that kids with Ds are small.  I figured that I was small (like, really really- 40 pounds in third grade?), so Piper would, undoubtedly, be small, too.  “Small” I’ve learned, though, is a relative term; it didn’t really sink in how small we were talking.

So, I pulled out some 12-18 month pants yesterday in an attempt to expand the kid’s fall wardrobe and I was reminded, once again, what small really looks like.  It’s a sad day in paradise when you’re 30-month old child can’t keep up “baby” pants.  But I digress.

Another thing I never expected from my two-and-a-half year old?



Her being able to use the bathroom sink as a drinking fountain.  What you don’t see here, though, is her sitting IN the sink in an attempt to bath herself in the miniscule vessel.  Have I mentioned the kid loves herself a bath???

And also?  Thanks, Nana- thanks a whole lot for teaching her to drink from the drinking fountain.  It’s been a valuable life skill.  Or something.


  1. Yeah...the small thing;) Aubrey still has some 6-12 month pants too. Last week I was trying to figure out when her and Emmie will just be able to SHARE a dresser since they will wear the same size:)

    If you are looking for a tall enough stool for the bathroom sink Ikea has a great one for a good price if you have one close.

  2. Claire always feels tiny to me, but she still has Piper passed by. We have some stretchy 9-12 month pants that fit great, but because of her big belly, she needs 18 months clothes pretty much everything else.

  3. The pictures are so cute. We will have to post some new ones of Emma.

    It seems the averages are working against you. Emma just had her 2-year checkup, and she is at the 70th percentile mark. Of course, her sister is in the 99th percentile, so it is all relative.