Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Day in the Life

Yesterday we got to go to a wedding for one of Luke’s friends.  It was up in Boulder, so we spent the day messing around up on that part of town.  We even met up with my roommate from college- it was really a fun day!

The wedding was on a farm on the outskirts of town.  The weather was perfect.  Piper got to run to her little heart’s content (which was good after a day of being in the car, eating lunch, shopping, going back in the car…)

The leaves are just starting to change here- with the sun starting to peek over mountains at sunset, it really made the trees glow.  Piper was only moderately cooperative, which kind of bums me out, because it was so pretty.  She was much less enthused about posing for a picture than she was trying to figure out how to get into the little pond.  Or, as she called it, “the bath.”



P1110435You can sense her enthusiasm, can’t you?  I think she may be saying “get that gosh darn camera out of my face and let me have a bath.” 

But the absolutely best part of all (other than, you know, the wedding)?  They had chickens.  Bunches and bunches and bunches of chickens.  And a half dozen turkeys.  And a pygmy goat, who I’m convinced was possessed.

We walked over to the chicken coupe once and then went to explore some more; Piper kept finding her way back to the chickens.  At least she wasn’t trying to take a dip anymore…P1110439



P1110447I love this picture because she’s saying “bawk bawk bawk”- you know, like a chicken talks.  (So, evidently, I’m really bad at typing in onomatopoeia…)


And then the little goat finally came out to see us.  We had to convince Piper that it was not a cow.  I think she only partially believed me.  P1110449

See?  I told you he looked possessed…

We all sat on hay bales in the middle of the field for the ceremony.  It was completely not traditional, and one of the sweetest ceremonies I’ve seen.  The girls even behaved themselves (okay, so I bought Piper off with a fruit snack- teeny piece by teeny piece.)  We sat at a table and could watch them finish up with photographs.  And while Piper ran around some more…P1110475…I got to nurse Addy with this in the backdrop:P1110468


Such a sweet night!  Congratulations, Jon and Sarah!


  1. What a beautiful weekend! I just want to nibble on those little girls. And I think that looks like it would be a great bath, Piper!

  2. I can't believe how big she is getting!

  3. Haha, I have to agree with you on that goat, it definitely looks a little psycho! I love the pictures of Piper by the water.

  4. Love Piper signing cow! We finally got Claire to tell the difference between and cow and a dog, but any other large animal, especially horses, are cows to her!