Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Day in the Life

Have you ever had one of those days where you’re positive that that one ounce of mental acuity that’s hanging on for dear life is just about to evaporate?  Yeah, that was my day.

Piper’s teething.  Addy’s back to not sleeping, which means that Piper doesn’t sleep great because their rooms share a wall.  Which, obviously, means that we don’t sleep, either.

So, by 3:00 this afternoon, I was ready for Luke to be home from work.  Which was another two-and-a-half hours away (at least!)  With that realization, I decided to take the girls for a walk to the park.  The wind finally died down, and it was relatively nice outside…  It felt so good to get in the sunshine!

I made Piper sit on the picnic table to re-strap her shoes.  I thought it made for a cute picture, but all she’d do is sign “help” to get down.  Turkey.P1110296

She RAN to the playground part and played and played and played.  I think being outside felt good to her, too.


P1110307She’s doing her best Michael Phelps impression here, I think.  Although I nearly had a heart attack as I had visions of her blasting off with her feet and flying down the slide head-first.  But that wasn’t nearly as bad as my near freak-out when I realized that there’s a reeeeally big drop there behind her bottom.  On the other side of the playground from where I was standing.  Yikes.

P1110300She’s willing to look straight down, head first, but has gotten into the habit of wanting to flip over, mid-slide, so that she can land on her feet at the bottom.  Now she’s getting lazy and just starts on her tummy.  Wouldn’t you think the plastic road-rash would burn???

The funniest part of the whole time, though, was when I was a little distracted with Adalynn- Piper was walking toward the center of the park, so I knew she was safe.  I looked up, and found her INSIDE the cargo compartment of the stroller.  Why?  I have no. idea




At 2 1/2, shouldn’t you have outgrown the basket???



  1. Hi I found your blog the other day. Your children are beautiful. I have a sweet little one with Ds about the same age as your daughter.

  2. Haha, love how she goes down the slide!! She is too cute :)

  3. hahah, that would so be rachel. and i feel you on hanging on for dear life. ugh. rachel is teething too. getting her other molars in.

  4. What a day! Those last 2 hours before Daddy gets home can be tough for me too and I've only got 1 kiddo at home! Thank goodness for the park on days like that.