Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Love Break

So I was working today trying to make up for the past month of being locked out of the state’s system and being unable to work, when I suddenly had two munchkins sharing my lap space.  I had just finished nursing Addy and Piper decided she needed to join in the fun, too.  So the big one crawled over the top of me and landed herself on my lap, too. 

Good gyad golly do I love these two…  Perfect way to spend a break!

P1110614Addy looks terrified here, but I assure you…

P1110615…but she wasn’t.

P1110617Piper even shared her pretend snack with Addy.



…and that sore on Addy’s cheek?  That’s a story for another day…

1 comment:

  1. glad u threw in the blurb about addy's cheek cuz I was totally gonna ask. I will wait on the edge of my seat for the story.