Wednesday, October 19, 2011

NDSC 2012

Next year’s Down Syndrome Congress is in Washington, DC- how fun is that???

It’s also the 40th anniversary of the conference, so it promises to be a big one.

Piper and I will be there, and we think we’re bringing Daddy, too.  I’d love to know who else is planning on going!  I think it’d be a kick in the pants to have a bunch of the bloggers there!

Are YOU going???


  1. We will probably be there! I'll let you know more definately as it gets closer!

    Kelli @

  2. We're going! We live about 2 hours from DC, so it will be much easier traveling than Texas was this year. We are looking forward to it already.

  3. i would love to go! i have a friend who lives there so we could actually make it!

  4. I really, really want to go next year. Not sure how it will work with the new baby though...