Monday, November 28, 2011

A Swimming We Will Go!

I always get jealous when I read people’s blogs about their swimming adventures with their kids.  You know, oceans, lakes…  Even pools when they’re in anticipation of those oceans and lakes…

But when you live in landlocked CO, swimming in the pool is pretty much as far as it goes.  It’s as good as it gets.  Which is fine, and lovely, but maybe it explains why, over Luke’s long weekend away from work, we decided to take the girls swimming at the rec center.P1110838

For the first time.




It took Piper a little bit of time to figure out how to walk in the water when it got up past her waist; she wasn’t so sure about it all, and stayed really extra close while she was figuring it out.P1110796

This pool has a lazy river, a tube slide, a regular big slide, and a teeny little slide for toddlers.  It had a spray area with all kinds of sprayers and buckets that dropped water, too.  Piper had a BALL.  She even did the little slide all by herself (with us at the bottom because I was sure she’d go straight under…)  She wasn’t always too sure of herself, but she actually pushed herself through it instead of clamming up like she usually would.  P1110795

She even went with us down the B-I-G slide- and liked it!  Well, she liked it once Dad figured out he needed to keep one hand on the wall of the slide to keep from tipping over in the curves (yeah, it was FAST).  I mean, it was a BIG slide…P1110821

Addy was mostly along for the ride.  She likes the water and didn’t mind bouncing in it at all.  Just so long as she stayed wet and didn’t get chilly, she was happy as a lark.  She wanted to eat half way through (as if that’s any big surprise) so we went to the locker room so that she could eat.  I was certain that Piper would be ready to go when I got back.  Much to my surprise, she was still going strong.  She ended up wanting to stay for an hour and a half, and played HARD the whole time.  I think she would have played more, really, but by that time, Addy was exhausted (and cold!) and we just needed to head home.  And once I told her that lunch was waiting for her in the car, she was ready, too!

But best of all?  They both took LONG naps when we got home. 




  1. We need to hit our rec center a little more often. So dreading taking Max to the dentist! Glad you survived.

  2. Love it. The pool is a regular playground around here and I hope that we keep it that way!

  3. Your rec center looks awesome. We have a great outdoor pool with slide and splash park, but we never made it there this summer. :(

  4. Aw, could Piper be any cuter in that little two piece?!! lol...So cute!!