Monday, November 7, 2011

The innate Sweet Tooth

Addy helped me cook the other night.  Chopping veggies was not what she was interested in, however.

Note to self: when an infant is already displaying signs of the “ornery grin,” prepare for… umm, I dunno what, but something, I’m sure.


DSCN2109What?  I’ve got the milk- why not cookies to go with it???
(For the record- YES, she did get them by herself.  NO, she didn’t eat any.  YES, I did let her play with them.  Hey, they were keeping her occupied; what was it hurting, right?)

So when I heard the big crash, I jumped, only to find… well… this mess:DSCN2111

Halloween candy.  Everywhere.  Everywhere.  Apparently the bling-y, shiny wrappers were just more than her little fingers could ignore.

DSCN2113Who…  Wha?  ME?  It wasn’t me, Mom, I promise.  They jumped.  All by themselves!

DSCN2110SUCCESS!  Sweet, sweet success!
<<enter evil laugh here>>

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  1. Oh my. She's gonna be a handful. :) (In a good way, I'm sure!)