Tuesday, January 11, 2011

You’ll never believe it!

Today, Piper is 20 months old.  She’s been home with us for 18 of those months.

And you know what?  Today, for the first time in those 18 months, Piper has made it the FULL time between well-child visits.  No weight checks (which used to be as frequent as once a week), no funny sicknesses (coughs, petechiae, etc., etc., etc.), no follow-up for something else…

Three.  Whole.  Months.

I’ve been afraid to say anything for fear of jinxing the whole thing, but there we were, three months later.  Holy mackerel. 

It was so fun to show off everything Piper’s doing now.  A lot has changed since the beginning of October, and her doctor could tell!  She was shocked to see her walking, and couldn’t believe all of her signs.  (That’s my girl!)

When she showed me her growth chart, I thought it looked like she was pushing the 25% for height (and barely holding onto the 5% for weight, but we won’t go there…), until I got home and realized it must have been the 10% line…  Whoops.  Either way, the kid has made up some MAJOR ground in the height department.  She’s never been that high on the chart (which is really sad when we’re talking approaching the 10%- we’re still a good 1/2” away…)- woohoo! 

And the the best news?  We don’t have to go back until she’s TWO (which, in and of itself is kinda weirding me out- how can I have a TWO year old???), which is FOUR months away.  FOUR!!! 

She told us not to make an appointment, though, because we can just call her when the baby is born and bring both girls in at the same time.  THAT sent me into heart palpitations- are we really that close to having another kid???

Of all the toys in her diaper bag, Piper chose car keys as her distracter-of-choice while we waited for the dread “S” word- her last immunization until she’s FOUR!  YAY!



And then she figured out there was a hole in the bed- it made for really fun kicking.  And a perfect place to play “in” with the car keys.  At least she’s easily entertained.


  1. 20 months!!! argh!!! that means rachel is getting older too. :( tell piper to stop it!

  2. Yeah for Piper! We always doubled up on baby/toddler appointments too! So fun to think about how close it is.

  3. I cant believe she is 20 months! Time flies! Soon she'll be two and the big sister!