Saturday, January 15, 2011


Yup.  That’s my kid.  She has NO hips and NO behind.

Which explains why she still (comfortably) wears a size 1 diaper. 

The only thing she’s outgrown in size 3 months is her sleepers.  Her 3 month dresses and tights still work great.  But now that she is getting longer (but not really wider), I’m starting to have issues with her pants.  Her 0-3s have been working fine, but I’m finding myself having to make the decision of having a 50’s girl in high waters, or an 80’s look with the baggy pants (that don’t stay on). 

Case in point:  6 month pants.




GONE.  Piper finally got tired of them impeding her mobility, and made the executive decision to take them off.  Not that I blame her- walking around with pants around your ankles would be a tall feat for meDSCN0677

And there they stayed- on the floor, unused, and my kid in bare feet and bare legs (but I get credit for the sweatshirt, right???).DSCN0678

So, long story short, I’m not really quite sure what I’m going to do with the string bean between now and shorts season (can’t WAIT for shorts season- no length issues!!!)  I did happen to find a couple pair of corduroy pants from Carter’s that are cuffed on he bottoms, so they’re about 3” longer- these are working GREAT, and about the only pants that will 100% stay up.  But I like to, you know, wash her clothes, soooo… 

I love the idea of Dapper Snappers, but they aren’t recommended until 9 months, which means that, I’m guessing, anyway, they’d be too big to do any good.  And once she gets into the size 2T at a lot of stores they have adjustable waists, but that’s a looooong way away. 

So, I guess in the meantime, we’ll just laugh at Piper’s inability to keep pants up, and continue following behind her pulling them up so she doesn’t trip. 

Who knew that walking could be such an occupational hazard???


  1. Too funny. My son still has the same issue with pants from time to time. Because I live in Cleveland (where the temp is a balmy 19 degrees), I've resorted to putting him in those one piece fleece outfits that Carter's sells. Basically, they're like sleepers, without the feet. If they're a little long, I just roll them up & put his shoes on. (Assuming that he'll actually keep the shoes ON, but that's a another story :)

  2. By the way, thanks for posting the link to Dapper Snappers. I'd never heard of them, but definitely thinking of ordering some. :)

  3. Aubrey has similar issues, but I find that keeping shoes on her helps and she wears SOOOOO many leggings these days since they work the best:)

    When you are ready to potty train that little tush...I found a website that has tiny undies:)

  4. I am a seamstress I do custom adjustments like this all the time(based on donation only).Do you sew?her pants would be so easy to adjust,if you wanted to ship me some of her pants I would be happy to make them fit her :) I totally love your blog,I have two special needs little girls of my own and I love following Pipers adventures everyday :)

  5. We are so in the same boat. Rachel is now seven and her waist size would allow her to wear 3T, but her height means she needs a 4T. Having no butt and no hips in addition to a round tummy means she is one hard to fit kiddo. One time we were walking into her school to register for the new year and I turned around and her pants were down around her ankles!

  6. We used to put our boys in overalls. (which is the only baby clothes I kept - they look just like their grandad's. You can get some cute girly overalls...