Saturday, January 22, 2011

Endurance Building

Piper can use a spoon and a fork.  She is capable of such a feat.

However, anything beyond a couple of bites, and she decides that utensils are for the birds, and fingers are just so much more fun.

So we’ve been working on “endurance” (read: stop being lazy and use a blankety-blank spoon, would ya???).  And I think we’ve found the solution.

Ice cream from Chickfila is nice and solid.  And yummy.  Piper ate, and ate, and ate the stuff (off of a soup spoon, because that’s all they have, which made it even more comical) and proved, once again, that she’s just being stubborn.

We laughed.  A lot.  I’m pretty sure the family sitting in the booth behind us thought we were crazy.  Which is just about par for the course with any outing that involves Piper.

I so love the faces she makes….

P1090248What is this, and why can’t I use my fingers???

P1090252Hmm…  Maybe this is worth this gosh-darn spoon…

P1090249Yup.  Definitely worth it.

P1090245…Ohhhh…  Heaven in every single drop.  (By the way- apparently it helps to look at the thing you’re eating…)

P1090241I’m pretty sure she was actually slurping here.

P1090250…All in all, it didn’t stop her from dipping her finger into the spoon and then sucking it off, but I’ll take it.

Besides, it’ll give me an excuse to have ice cream more often.  And you can imagine how sad that makes me.


  1. Any excuse to have more ice cream is a great excuse here!

  2. I'm very impressed that the spoon didn't end up on the floor!

  3. Piper did a great job....yummy:) I love the pictures!

  4. Yes, practice with ice cream, perfect ;)