Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Favs

A slight bloggy-intermission…

It’s no secret that I love shoes.  LOVE shoes. 

When Luke deployed to Kuwait for Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom in 2003, my parents and father-in-law came to San Diego to help me pack up our apartment and move be back to Colorado while Luke was gone.  Jerry, my father-in-law, groaned when he picked up a heavy box.  He groaned even louder when I told him it was shoes (which, mind you, did not include all my favorites that were moving with me…).

But if someone had told me how much MORE fun it is to buy little girl shoes, we (ahem, I) may have pursued this baby thing a whole lot sooner.

And now that Piper’s feet are approaching the non-newborn sizes, the world of shopping opportunities is beginning to open.  I couldn’t be more thrilled (and my husband more terrified). 

I’ll preface this with saying that I know there are two big schools of thought with shoes- hard-soled for support or soft-soles for ease of movement; we’ve been in the middle of the debate, too, and I know it’s a “to each his own” kinda thing.  I’m choosing the ease of movement route…  I know I was talking to someone a few months ago about finding really soft-soled shoes (but I can’t remember who), and I figured there are probably others, so I wanted to share.

These are my new favorite shoes for Piper.  See Kai Run infant shoes are very similar to Pedipeds, except for they have little rubber grippers on the bottom for traction (which is my big beef with Pedipeds).  They are exceptionally flexible (more than her Stride Rite or Umi leather-soles), and cute to boot.  I bought these this fall when I was desperately trying to find black dress shoes, which apparently didn’t exist at the time (even online).  I’ve since bought a few other styles for next fall, and I’m kind of kicking myself for not buying them in her size for now.

Their bigger kid shoes (starting at 3) are “hard” soled.  These are, bar none, the softest hard-soled shoes I’ve ever seen.  They very easily bend and are made of really nice, soft leather uppers.  If they made them in my size, I’m sure I’d be game.  The 3s are, regrettably (heartbreakingly), too big for Piper, but I bought a pair anyway because I couldn’t resist.  She’ll get there eventually, right??? 

And their little boy shoes?  Just as cute as their girl shoes.  LOVE them!!! 

My other pair of favorites, which I REALLY like, but am having a hard time finding in her size (which is why I got turned on to the See Kai Runs instead) are these from Stride Rite:

Absolutely 100% flexible (and thin) soles and easy to move uppers.  And they’re light and flexible enough that I can put her down for a nap in them without a flinch.  Just wish they made them in 2s still! 

I know this sounds like an ad; it really isn’t, I promise.  Just like to share my finds…  So, as a bonus, and to get it all out of my system, I’ll share one of my new favorite websites to buy shoes from (including for me!!!)- is Zappos clearance outlet, so it’s reliable.  And if you catch their sales right, dang cheap.  I bought $142 worth of shoes a couple weeks ago for about $45, including shipping. 

I wonder if it’s coincidental that Piper’s decided to start signing “shoes” lately???

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  1. Our podiatrist had told us to only get supportive shoes, but I've been contemplating getting a flexible pair as well. Thanks for the advice on which brands seem to do the trick! I hate buying online when I have no idea what to expect! Now I feel a little better about it!