Thursday, January 6, 2011


I have a friend who I’ve known since middle school- we did Job’s Daughters together for a lot of years, and then competed in Speech through high school.  She got a big job in Singapore last March, so I’ve been living vicariously through her and her hubby since then, because, well, if nothing else, I’m pretty sure I’d starve to death if I were put in a similar situation.  But I won’t admit that.  I mean, really- how cool would it be to live a couple years somewhere like Singapore???

Anyway, Piper got a box in the mail today from Miss Erin- and it could NOT have been cuter!!!

DSCN0589It came complete with a pretty pink (and shiny!) dress…

DSCN0596…and BEAUTIFUL (Piper said so herself!) bracelets (which were exponentially more fun to watch Luke trying to put them ON than it was watching Piper take them OFF)…

DSCN0619and a parasol.

Piper begged not have to put on her pajamas. 


Thank you, Erin and Dave, for thinking of the squirt!  The chopsticks are bound to bring hours of entertainment, I’m sure!


  1. I'm dead, I'm dead, I died, I'm dead from that unspeakable CUTE. Oh, are LUSCIOUS.

  2. OMGoodness...that might be the cutest thing I have seen in a really long time! I can't believe your friend found one small enough to fit her so perfectly!

  3. That is adorable! Oh my goodness how did they find a tiny one to fit her. So cute, so cute!!!