Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day Late, Dollar Short

I’ve been meaning to do this for, you know, two months now, but just actually thought about it tonight.

Piper got her new high chair (the Stokke Tripp Trapp chair) back in June.  We LOVE it.  She actually fits in it (which was an even more impressive feat when we first got it, and she didn’t quite weigh 13 pounds…), and offers the ability to grow with her.  So she can actually see the table, AND touch the “floor”, all at the same time.

And let me tell you, being a slightly vertically-challenged kid growing up, too, I totally wish I had one of these.

Anyway, the big problem with the chair is that it’s not height-adjustable.  It’s only standard table height.  And ours, of course, is counter-top height.  Then, when Piper had surgery, I didn’t use the chair while she was recovering, because I didn’t think I’d be successful in getting her out of her seat without picking her up from under her arms.

So, in November (I think?) my dad and Luke finished the base that needed to be built to get the seat up to the right height.


Wanted to share what it looks like- I know that a lot of therapists use these chairs, so we may not be the only ones in this boat. 



Piper insisted on having a picture with her seat, too.  After all, this is one of her favorite places in the house…

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  1. I love it, it's so fashionable...I guess if you can you might as well eat in style!