Friday, January 7, 2011

This photo shoot brought to you by…

…a very ornery aunt and a very ornery uncle. 

And in order to understand why this is funny, you’d have to understand the underwear/boxer short competitions we have every year at Christmas.  But in order for you to understand that, I’d risk making my entire family sound a little…  odd?…

So, suffice to say that anything that involves a pun wins double points (the worst pair I’ve ever seen had a bunch of antlers/“horns” on them—), and if it’s a pun that involves the wearer’s profession, hobbies, etc., you win. 


Problem is that in recent years, the “boxer short” rule has been…  ahem…  expanded.  And now anything that comes in underwear-related packaging just brings a chuckle.


So, please don’t think that my family exchanges gifts from this (or anything in the realm of THIS) particular vender.  And I guarantee that Piper has no idea what she’s into here.  Nor is she going to find out any time in the next century, I assure you.


But when she found the sack, and it kept her entertained for a good half hour or forty-five minutes, I figured it was as good a toy as any to play with.


After all- there has never been any doubt that kid fits in just fine with our family.


  1. Oh, come on, Aimee!

    We were waiting to SEE the boxers!

    You didn't tell them that you didn't "get" the antler (horny) boxers for a bit, either, grin. :)

  2. We may be ornery, but you still love us!