Tuesday, January 4, 2011

This little munchkin…

…had surgery 16 weeks ago.

Sixteen weeks.

And this last week, last week, she has FINALLY started sleeping through the night again.  (Do you hear the angel’s rejoicing?  No?  Must just be here…)

Problem is, she wasn’t up once.  Or twice.  Usually it was three or four (or five or six) times. 

You ever get that feeling that you’re losing your mind?  I was seriously starting to wonder if she was having real sleep abnormalities (lots of kids with Ds are on medication of one sort or another for sleep- but they all seem older than Piper).  I’m sure that the hospital itself, along with the time it took her to heal afterward, played a huge role.  But she has also been teething non-stop (she cut two a couple days ago, which, for those counting, were numbers three and four, and she has at least four more that are ready any day now, I think), which I’m convinced was at least 95% of her issues.  After all, his is my daughter who has a very loooow pain tolerance. 

Whatever the reason, I don’t care, because BYGOLLY, getting to sleep through the night has been pure HEAVEN.  HEAVEN.

…of course, by posting this, I’m dooming her to revert back.  Whoops.


  1. Woohoo!!!! I hope it continues!!!!

    Now the question is, how many times did you wake up? :-)

  2. We will pretend this post never happened! (Do you hear that Piper?) YAHOO for a full nights sleep~keep it up~

  3. We went through the same non-sleeping thing this summer. I finally took Max to the doctor - teething was to blame. He is up to 12 teeth (at 21 months) and is cutting more molars. The number of nights he has slept through the night in the last few months - I can count on one hand! But liquid melatonin helps a ton!!!! You can find it a whole foods type grocery store. Our pedi recommended it (along with many friends.) At least now when he wakes up, he often gets himself back to sleep within a few minutes. Good luck!