Thursday, January 6, 2011

Car seat help!

Okay, so I’m hoping that you guys can give us a hand.

Piper is (still) in her infant carrier.  But, obviously, once the new baby comes, she’s going to have to find another way to travel.

Colorado law says that kids need to be one year old AND 20 pounds before they can go forward-facing in their car seat, which, if Piper stays where she is on the curve, will put us somewhere around December or January next year. I’ve also heard that a lot of pediatricians recommend that kids with Ds remain rear-facing until they get their neck x-rays at three years to check for AAI and AOI.  We have an Odyssey van, so hopefully rear-facing a convertible seat won’t be too big an issue. 

So, what do you use?  Love, hate, or otherwise?  I think my two top choices are the Britax Advocate and the Britax Boulevard, but I really don’t want to buy their newest versions because they go up to 70 pounds, which would put Piper in 8th grade, and I don’t want her drowning in it now. 

One of the only other things we need to get before Baby comes is a double stroller.  These are harder, because it feels like everyone has something different that they look for.  But, that being said, anyone have one that they LOVE? 

PS- On this note, if you’re in the market, check out we bought Piper’s car seat and stroller there the first time and we’ve bought some other stuff there, to0- it’s by far cheaper than most other places on a lot car seats, strollers, high chairs- and it has free shipping with no tax.  They are great!


  1. We love the Graco My Ride 65, Emily's head never falls forward when she falls asleep so it's even good for those short naps in the car. It can face rearward up to 45 pounds and it's very reasonably priced. I think Courtney from Pudge and Zippy also wrote about this car sear on her blog a few months ago saying she loved it too. We are looking for a double stroller too...we have sit n stand that we used when Em was born, but Emily can't stand for long periods nor is she big enough to sit in the little "jump seat" so if you find something you like, let us know!

  2. Aubrey is still in the infant seat right now too and we only have three weeks to get her out! I'm hoping that her weigh in tomorrow puts her over the 20lb mark! Regardless, she will be moving up to our rear/forward carseat soon, but I'm thinking that at 2.5 she really would benefit from being forward facing and her car rides so much more enjoyable. We have a Britax too, but can't remember which one (we've had it for awhile). We love it and the safety ratings were the best when we got it. I've used it a couple times for Aubrey (rear facing) when we had friends with a baby in town and she did fine. It is marked 5lbs and up to something. Ella still sits in it now and she is 4. (we have a lot of car seat rearranging to do:) It is cozy and not too big, but big enough for her to grow into. Hope that helps:)

    Gonna check with the doctor on the x-ray thing

  3. We bought a Britax Boulevard 65 for my son & I have to say that I really like it. My son's head doesn't fall forward the way it used to when he was in his infant seat, & he just seems alot more comfortable. Josh is two & around 25.5 lbs, but I keep him rear facing for the reasons that you mentioned. Good Luck!

  4. Madalyn is 21 lbs (and the same age as Piper as you know). We have a Sunshine Kids rear facing convertible carseat. It is rear facing (which we will do with Madalyn as long as possible) til 45 lbs and forward facing to 80 lbs. She does not drown in it and it is really comfortable. I am planning on getting 2 more as our budget allows for Victoria (15 lbs) and Anna (16 lbs). I have put Anna in it before and she fit well. At this point I have 4 in carseats. I love this seat and it is narrow enough to fit 3 across in your car. The steel frame makes it heavier and I love the side impact protection. I can send you a pic of Madalyn in it if you want... good luck its hard to figure out which carseat is best!!
    Madalyn's seat:

  5. We used Piper's old Graco ComfortSport rear facing for Max and HATED it. His head would flop forward to the point where I was pulling the car over to check his oxygen levels - ugh. We now have the Evenflo Symphony 65 which I love. It reclines - forward facing, too. No floppy head!!!! Max is now forward facing, and it still reclines really nicely. Piper's Graco Nautilus claims it reclines, but the smidgen doesn't make a difference. It would be way to grown up for Max even now, but I love it for Piper.

  6. I love our Britax Boulvard. I started using it when my daughter was 15 lbs, she now is 19 lbs. She has always seemed comfortable in it and we have no complaints.


  7. Best car seat ever! And it's thinner than most. Lots of padding that's removable when baby gets bigger. This is the best website ever! Not only do they price match AND have free shipping, but they will honor their coupons in addition to price matching. I got this $269 car seat for LESS than $150! They also carry Britax so if you find it cheaper somewhere else, sent them the link and they'll beat the price. They are running 20% off right now.


  8. We use a Britax Roundabout for Lucas, it's their smallest model and I love it. He is already on the last notch and I think we'll by a Sunshine Kids carseat after that. With that being said, Luc is just a big boy and I think it would last a lot longer for Piper. And it's convertible so it can be rear facing up to a certain weight.

  9. We have the Graco My Ride 65 as well, as we are choosing to keep Kaylie rear facing till she is at least 2...we really like it, and she seems very comfortable in it. Thanks for the post, cause i will be looking for a double stroller as well, and will be looking to see what everyone has to say!