Sunday, August 1, 2010

I know, I know, I know…

Yes, I acknowledge that this has little (okay, slim-to-none) to do with Piper.

But I had to brag…

I love having a garden during the summer time.

When we first moved into this house, I fell in love with the house (I love our house), not the lot.  The back yard isn’t as big as I was used to, and I was afraid that, by buying this home, we were giving up our ability to have a vegetable garden. 

The first summer we were here, we had to landscape the backyard for the first time- all that was here was builder leftovers.  So we put in a retaining wall to eliminate some of the slope in the grass.  Once it was done, we figured that the area above the wall would be a perfect place for a garden.  We planted a few things up there the second year we were here just to test and see how they did.  It was spectacular!  The area is absolutely perfect.

We were so excited for the summer after (last year) because we figured we could plant a lot more than we did the summer before.  We knew that Piper would be coming the first part of the season, so we figured that we could get all the planting done before she came and Luke’s responsibility would be maintaining it all while Piper was in the hospital. 

Well, we all know how that turned out.  And, unfortunately, it never was on our to-do list after she was born. 

So this year, we were uber-uber excited to plant. 

Fortunately (unfortunately???) our plants are growing a lot quicker than Piper…

These are part of the tomato plants.  It’s a lot of plants considering I don’t eat them.  The tall one on the right is a tomatillo- we’ve never grown one before, and weren’t sue it’d work.  It’s obviously having no problems.

Oh, and the tomatoes are caged.  But they’ve overgrown the cage.  Apparently they really enjoy the place they’re at…  And just to make this a kid-centered post, why not kid-centered pictures???P1070068

The zucchini plants, cucumbers, beans, and peas…  The yard looks a lot worse here than it actually does- Luke mowed the last time with the mulcher instead of the catcher, so the dry is just leftover grass…  P1070063

…aaaaand the daily take.P1070073

Kinda glad we don’t have more space for more plants.  I’m already feeling like we have green stuff coming out our ears…


  1. What a cute table centerpiece you have to go with your bountiful harvest :)

  2. Yum they all look delicious, especially that cute little cherry in the middle!