Monday, August 9, 2010

Piper and the Pool

Before dinner on Friday, Piper got to have a pool party at Nana’s house, too.  She even dragged the backyard hose to the front yard so that we could squeeze all the warm from that hose, too.  Spoiled?  Absolutely.

She sat on the edge to get used to the cold.  She was so excited.

Once we decided her incredibly bulky diaper was hindering her motility, she got to play the part of Neighborhood Nudie.  You can see how sad that made her… 

She must have gone in and out at least a dozen times.  She’d sit in the water (once she got used to the cold) and play with the balls.  She get out and play with the grass.  And then go back in again.P1070203

The soft sides of the pool were perfect for her- we don’t have one at our house because we happen to have two water-happy dogs whom I know would have it popped. 

Piper’s not the most daring of souls, so when she’s moving in and manipulating her environment as much as she was this day, it’s a big thing.  She’s getting so so so much better!!!P1070205

…even when she face plants with her butt up in the air!P1070207

  The reward for such an arduous afternoon?P1070218

I’m not sure who was happier- her or me!


  1. Oh Piper you are one cool skinny dippin' chick. We could just eat you up you are so cute.

  2. TOO CUTE - that face plant butt shot is too funny!

  3. Love the pic with her naked butt in the air and of course the one of her napping!

  4. Love the butt in the air picture!! We are headed your way again on the 27th if you want to try another playdate...

  5. Oh I laughed so hard at the face plant. She looked like she had a blast today!!

  6. Love the bootie shot and face plant! Priceless :)

  7. So cute! I love her tiny hiney! :)