Sunday, August 8, 2010

Oh, the Horror!

There’s nothing worse in this world than when your internet goes down.

Okay, I admit to being a little melodramatic.

But only a little…

A full day.  A full Saturday.  And, really, I don’t know if I would have been so upset if I wasn’t supposed to be working.  Yup, and I need to be online in order to do so.  Greeeeeat. 

Thankfully, it finally came back about 8 tonight, so I could get a couple hours in before the system goes down at 12.  Only 9 hours shy of what I was hoping to get done today.


Anyway, while we were home with not a lot to do (I didn’t remember how absolutely, positively glorious that feels…), we decided to go for a walk with the dogs.  Piper was refusing to go to sleep anyway (even though she was way past exhausted from the last couple days), and it had just rained so it had cooled off nicely.

We let the dogs off-leash once we go to the open space stretch and the dogs flew off in search of something good to smell. 

Piper couldn’t. stop. laughing.  She kept yelling at them telling them she wanted to join (or something).  She thought they were so darn funny. 

I put her in the grass to play for a few minutes and she was yelling at the dogs some more.  She was sitting on a good hill, and was laughing at the dogs so hard that she toppled onto her tummy.  Unfortunately, when she went down to her belly, she didn’t account for the slope, and ended up rolling a couple times instead.  Then she wanted to sit up, but she wanted to go uphill.  It took a lot of muscle to sit up in that direction; I was quite impressed that she did it.

Mid-scream amongst the doggy chaos.  It’s amazing the amount of volume the squirt can produce.  Simply amazing.

Makes me realize that we really ought to take advantage of Saturdays with nothing to do.  Even if that means not getting the volume of work done that you should.  <<sigh>>  Who needs sleep, anyway, right???


  1. Oh I want video of that. Too cute.

  2. More to the question - who needs work - when you have entertainment like that.