Thursday, August 12, 2010

Growing, Growing, Growing

Piper had her 15 month checkup on Tuesday.  She had two shots leftover that she didn’t get at 12 months, so we needed to get those.  They didn’t have the flu shots yet (they were hoping that they might by then), so we’ll go back next month and get them for her, Luke and me.  It’s really nice that they let us get them, too!

Piper actually kept up on her 5% curve for weight.  I was pretty shocked; as of Thursday, she only weighed 12 1/2 pounds, so she gained a full pound in less than a week.  For Piper, that’s absolutely unheard of.  She’s been eating SO MUCH for the past couple weeks, apparently it just caught up with her…  (Of course, <ahem> there were some “outside influences” that kept her from “bottoming” out, and probably helped keep “stuff” from hitting the fan, but we won’t admit that…)  I was very relieved!  She’s still below the 5% in length, but I have a feeling that’ll be the story of her life.  Her head, however, is at the 50% on the Ds charts, and miraculously actually hanging on for dear life to the typical chart.

By the way- our clinic uses a Ds chart that has a 5% line, not just a 10% line.  My beef with it is that the scale for months is in base five, which isn’t very handy when the calendar is in base 12.  Anyway, does anyone know of a Ds growth chart online that has the 5%?

We went ahead and had a consult with the nutritionist they have in the clinic.  When the ped said that she was going to have her stop by, I wasn’t overly thrilled.  I’ve never talked with the one there in person, but the doctors have consulted with her(apparently a different one), and I’ve never particularly liked what they had to say.  I really liked this lady.  She was really impressed (and shocked) by the amount and variety of types of foods and textures that Piper is eating.  I’m not sure if she would have believed about how good an eater Piper is if she wasn’t eating her lunch then.  She didn’t have any suggestions there, which was good.  She did have a couple suggestions that I would never have thought about.  We usually have a glass of milk out for Piper to sip on in the day- I always figured that her volume would increase if she had it available.  But she said that it probably keeps her blood sugar up, so she’s not as likely to feel hungry between meal times.  Makes total sense!  So, our plan is to only offer her something to drink (outside of water) at meal times, and try to get two snacks in during the day.  She said that they like to see three snacks with three meals, but I have a hard time getting her to eat one snack.  So we’ll see if the milk plan works. 

I talked to the pediatrician about our ENT visit.  I wanted to get her feelings on everything.  I trust her.  Dearly.  So I was really anxious to get her thoughts.  She said that our doctor isn’t known for his bedside manner (along with the rest of that clinic…).  But, she did say that if she had a kid that needed something done, he’d be the only one she’d want to do it.  She said that he’s amazing at what he does.  Whew!  That’s exactly what I wanted to hear!  Makes me feel so much better!

Piper still has no teeth, but we’re going to hang out until 18 months before they make us go to the dental clinic.  I didn’t get my first tooth until then, anyway, so I’m really not worried about it.  It would be helpful, though, if she could chew with TEETH and not just gums!

So long as Piper agrees (keep your fingers crossed) we don’t have to go back until November.  We’ll stop by when we’re down there for one of our other appointments next month for the flu shots, but that doesn’t count.  Her ped said that she was going to try and catch us before we go home after the scope/tubes/ABR, and that, in the complete chance that we get admitted overnight, she’d be sure to come and see us.  One benefit to seeing doctors in the hospital!

15 months.  Holy cannoli.


  1. Yeah for you Piper! Aubrey didn't get first tooth until almost 16 months I think, so hang out. It's not like they aren't there right!

  2. Happy 15 months Piper girl, keep putting on those pounds!