Sunday, August 1, 2010

Piper and the Puppies

This is precisely the distance that the dogs are usually from Piper throughout the course of a day:P1070021

It really makes me laugh.  Especially since Maggie, the black one, has always been protective over Piper, but up until relatively recently, watched over her from a distance.  But since Piper’s gotten more and more mobile, Maggie is enjoying Piper more and more.  To the point that she’s almost always within arm reach of Piper.  Which is really saying something, considering that Piper’s arms are pretty stinking small.

To show her appreciation and love of her best friends, Piper decided to read them one of her favorite books: Curious George and the Puppies.  I thought it a very apropos choice.

She showed them he cover, like all good storytellers:P1070033

And then read the story page-by-page (albeit I’m sure she forgot a page or two…  Or ten…):

I was especially impressed that she even read the book right-side-up.  And really surprised that Maggie sat and “listened”. 

I think we may have a teacher in our midst.


  1. So funny, our dogs are the same way one is always close by while the other stays her distance now that Alayna is on the move. Piper you are such a super reader. I am sure the dogs loved that book, we do!

  2. I love it, her two little friends probably keep her quite busy throughout the day!

  3. Adorable!! My son & our Doberman are equally fascinated with one another. Only prob is, that weighing in at 90 lbs, our dog is far too big to be our 19 month old's lap dog....much to his dismay!