Friday, August 13, 2010

Spaghetti Skinny Dipping

P1070309“Hey, Noah- do you know what these crazy Moms have for us today???”

My friend, Alison, invited us to a “Messy Playdate” today, and I thought it sounded like fun.  So off we went to a little park where they had kid-friendly spray paint, cornstarch and water goop, pudding finger paints, bubbles, playdough…  All those good ol’ staples.

The best part of the whole thing, though, was the pool filled with spaghetti.

Yup.  Cooked spaghetti.

There must have been 30 pounds of cooked noodles in this little baby pool. 

And who better to share the experience with than our friend, Noah?


Once they got over the initial shock, I think they had a lot of fun!  Piper didn’t mind the new sensation at all

I think this is Piper asking Noah if this is how he usually takes baths…

P1070305 Learning to stir.  Mixed in with a bunch of “bangbangs”.  Life is good.


Piper’s preemie-ness in combination with her seven weeks in the NICU, which included eight gillion and seven hundred million pokes, prods, and nastiness, funny lights, binging machines, and way too many people, have made her a little more susceptible to sensory overload.  I used to have to be very careful about over-stimulating her; it was easy for her to get overwhelmed with a lot of people, noise, funny lights…  She’s been getting better and better, and it hasn’t been much of an issue for a long time now.  But it’s always in the back of my mind.  After today, though, I’m convinced those days are past.

And I think that’s officially the last bit of NICU that we’re leaving behind.  15 months later.  Alleluia!


  1. Looks like so much fun! Thankful for you leaving the NICU behind! WOO HOO Piper girl you have come so far!

  2. omg....the real bath later must have been fun. pulling spaghetti out of strange places! lol!