Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Last night, I was sitting on the couch and Piper was crawling around like she usually is.  Her little head pops up over the couch cushion every once in a while, just to check that I’m still here.  She often talks to me, flashes a couple cute smiles, then gets down to go play some more.  These little interludes are definitely one of the highlights of our nights.

Last night, though, she was standing up next to the couch and got distracted by something.  All the sudden, she pushes off the couch with her hands, and is standing there.  Just standing.  No bobble, no wobble.

I, of course, was so excited that my screaming made her sit.  So it didn’t last as long as I think it would have if I would have just kept my mouth shut.  But you know how it is- you just can’t contain your excitement sometimes.

So after that, we worked outside trying to get her to stand some more.  Bubbles being blown in her face work well.


But the bubble blower is significantly more fun that standing is…

And, yes- this is a real bear crawl.  She’s doing this more and more these days- especially when we’re outside.





  1. Way to go Piper! That is wonderful! I love the bubble pictures. She is a smart cookie to bear crawl and not hurt her knees!

  2. WoWSA!! that is awesome! Piper is a RockStar...smiles

  3. You are almost there, Piper!! Way to go!