Monday, August 9, 2010

Funniest face. Ever.

A few months ago, Piper learned that she can cross her eyes.  And she thought she was hilarious.  We ignored her at the time, and within about a week, she stopped doing it.

Until now.

Except now she’s developed a whole face, and she KNOWS she’s hilarious. 

Friday we had dinner at my mom’s house with my grandparents, brother and sister-in-law, and my mom’s brother.  We were sitting around after we had finished eating, watching Piper because she was still eating (man- the kid has been an open pit lately…).  She just started doing The Face.


…and over…P1070225

And again…

…and again… P1070230 

We were all in stitches.  No one could stop laughing.  I won’t admit that we were encouraging her…  But we were.  I asked her to do it again once, just after she put a bite of food in her mouth.  She looked at me, bobbed her head for a second, chewed very exaggeratedly (is that a word???), and then did the best one of the night.  It was like she was saying “Okay, Mom, hold on just a second”. 

Hit of the party?  Not that that’s any big surprise.


I’m pretty sure that her ophthalmologist would have a fit.  But her speech therapist might be happy that she’s purposely moving her mouth.  And really, with the degree of platypus bill/pucker, she’s moving a lot of muscles. 

So now that we’re over the hilarity and shock of her new found favorite past time, we’ve decided it’s time to not let her do it any more.  It’s a work in process.  Although I think I only saw her do it a couple times yesterday.  Most of which were to the lady sitting behind us at church.  I’m pretty sure by the end that they had no idea what the sermon was about… 

Someone told me once that it sure is too bad that kids with Ds don’t have a sense of humor…  What do you think???


ps- Piper rarely gets this dirty eating, I promise.  You can blame her Nana.  She decided that orange Jello would be a fun addition to her dinner…  And jigglers are pretty hard to hold on to…


  1. Oh are so silly!! No sense of humor?? HA! This little chicky-mama is a COMEDIAN!!! You go girl:)

  2. Hilarious. I think that your ST would love it! She's got some great lip closure going on there! ;)

  3. I am laughing at the no sense of humor comment. They obviously hadn't met Piper =) Too cute girl you ARE the life of the party.

  4. I love that high chair! Where did you find it?

  5. Love it! :-) And I can totally imagine the SLP loving it too!