Saturday, August 28, 2010

New Day, New Problems

The newest addition to our line of “make sure that, whenever you do X, you know where the baby is” events is…

Running her bath water.

I like to give her a bath at night after she eats, so I usually get her out of her chair and take off her clothes before I put her on the floor.  Then I can get her bath stuff ready before putting her in the bathroom.  It used to work well, because she’s not the most patient person in the world, and we all know how exciting baths can be.

A couple months ago, she started to crawl through the house, screaming in excitement, once she heard the water running.  But at least we could hear her coming.


Now she’s figured out how to pull up to the tub.  That, in and of itself, isn’t so bad.

It’s the likelihood of her figuring out how to climb into the tub that’s troubling.


See, she’s figured out how to climb on top of things that go up past her waist.  And the water poses the ideal motivational tool.


What can I say?  The kid has a love affair with the water.


And in this case, it’s not such a good thing.


  1. Oh Piper you always make us giggle. Beware she will be scaling that bathtub in no time...

  2. We have the same problem with Lucas and he dove head first into the tub about a month ago. My hubby was right there but it freaked us out enough that we keep the door shut at all times.
    Cute pics!

  3. Love that last picture! Emily loves the water too and we have to be ready to grab her at any point because she tries to crawl in the water and I believe she thinks she can swim!