Saturday, August 14, 2010

Who’s up for a game??? Part 3

Today’s clues:

P1070293Two pallets (yes, pallets) of potato chips.

One granite-topped vanity.

P1070284One giant couch, plus…

P1070285One chair.  Plus a baby.

I have enough clues for two more days.  No one’s guessed right yet!  Maybe we’ll do the reveal on Tuesday??? 


  1. Jason's guess is... these are all oversized items, do we really need them? Be happy with the small stuff.

    Did we win a fabulous BIG vacation for 2?

  2. Are you moving to a bigger house? Because of all Piper's toys. Oh and throwing a HUGE party where everyone is invited to bring their dogs.

  3. new house? with a million nacho loving children?

  4. You're pregnant with twins...which is why you need a bigger house...due on the 9th of some month...can't drink so must store your wine...craving potato chips?

  5. Some of your family and all their dogs are moving in with you?