Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Park Day

I started the summer this year with the intentions of going to the park at least once a week.  I thought we should go to a different park every time (which is very possible where we live) just to expose her to lots of places.

Unfortunately, it’s now August, and we’re far from the once-a-week part.

But, we have gotten to go several times to different parks- and Piper’s loved every one of them.

She’s learned to crawl in, through, and out of tubes: P1060515

(yes, that’s a ribbon that I tie around her waist in a vain attempt to keep her pants up somewhere around her middle…  It doesn’t do loads of good, but at least they’re not around her ankles…)



And she’s learned to go up and down stairs (although the down part is not as… graceful?… as it could be):P1060520

Parks, though, are exponentially more fun when the dogs get to go with you…

…sometimes.  Other times, it’d be nice if the tongue would stay in the mouth…  Just for a little while…P1060548

But watching Duncan’s tongue, Piper remembered about her tongue.  Yes, she’s pinching it…  Ouch??P1060567

Hopefully, now that the weather’s going to start cooling down a little, we can get out more often.  We still have slides to conquer- I’d like for her to feel comfortable enough to go down, even a little, by herself.  I bought one of those tiny LittleTyke slides at a garage sale this summer- she’s getting better on it, for sure.  Part of my efforts to make her feel more comfortable in movement.  I want to squeeze every ounce of benefit from being outdoors before we head into snowy season.

It’s the definition of a “Coloradan”- with every season, you can’t wait for the next one.  Come August, you’re tired of the heat and ready for the cold.  Come February, you’re so sick of snow you can’t see straight and long for the warmth…  Guess that’s the plight of living in an area where there are 100 degree, or more, differences between summer and winter…

C’mooooon winter! 

…but not until we can go down the slide…


  1. That girl of yours has some skilzzz!

  2. Parks = fun, fun, fun! Good job on all your great climbing.

  3. She's doing so great, I love the pic of her holding her tongue!

  4. Our down is not graceful either, which is probably why no one has seen it yet:) Good job on the tubes though!

  5. Piper is so cute! And she is advanced for her age for motor skills! I "met" you on the DownSyn forum....my daughter Madalyn was born with Duodenal Atresia and DS in Colo Springs, April 2009. What fun!!! Love your blog and your comments about colorado, so true!What a blessing our babies with DS are!!

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